Red House Recording is one of Northern Michigan's premier recording facilities.  Designed from the ground up for all types of audio recording, the building offers over 1,500 square feet of acoustically treated space.  A wide variety of acoustic and electric instruments are available to help you achieve the sounds you want.  The control room features all digital tracking, mixing & mastering, high quality microphones, preamps and other outboard gear.  We can duplicate tapes and CDs with complete graphics production, or prepare masters for mass reproduction.   In addition to the studio, we offer 2 track and 8 track remote recording.  Other services include transfering old LP's or tape recordings to CD, and we can digitally re-master to reduce noise and enhance sounds.

We are located in a rural setting to assure musicians the solitude and quiet needed for quality recordings.  The comfort and productivity of our clients is very important to us, so we also have a small lounge and kitchen facilities.

Paula is the 'real' musician of the place, with a degree in Music Education and many years experience teaching and performing.  She currently teaches choral and instrumental music in the public schools, and has several private students in voice and piano.  She is a pianist, flautist, trumpetist, guitarist and singer/songwriter.  Her album 'Over the Line' was released in 1995, and she is working on the follow-up effort.  She is shown here driving a tractor liberated from our contractor - truly multi-talented......

  Denny first got the recording bug in the late 60's, being fascinated with the spacey sounds of tape-echo.  He first tried recording bands playing at the local high school, and had a 'home studio' before they became popular, building his own mixer to drive an old Dokorder sound-on-sound reel-to-reel.  Many local bands suffered from his musical efforts over the years, with music ranging from old-time country, to hard driving blues.  A brief 20 year career in Information Technology interfered, but Red House Recording has been a lifelong dream, and is thrilling to see come about.

Denny started Red House in an old carriage house in Houghton (that was painted red) in 1995.  The most commonly asked question when new clients see the studio is 'why isn't it red?'.  According to the contractor, red vinyl siding all turns to pink over time, and 'The Band' already did 'Music from Big Pink'... thus the color blue.  We record great sounds no matter what the color of the building is, and maybe someday siding technology will let us reconsider the siding color......

Some Current & Former Clients
Mike Irish
Courtney Clisch
Boe Harbison
Clay Hilman
Frostbite Blues Band
May 14th
Michigan State Band & Orchestra Festivals
Bessemer, Hurley & Dollar Bay Public Schools
Tough Stuff
Cheap Therapy
Gus Sandberg

 Some Good Links For Advice And Gear

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